Kitchen Remodeling Tips To Make Your Small Space Look Larger.

Transform Your Cozy Alexandria Kitchen With A Luxurious Remodel.

Are you considering a kitchen remodel to create the illusion of a more expansive cooking area? If you have big dreams for your small kitchen, Foster Remodeling Solutions is here to bring your vision to life. Let’s dive into some expert tips to maximize your small kitchen remodel to make it feel larger and more inviting.

Arlington Kitchen Remodel - pendent lighting and upper cabinets with glass doors

kitchen remodel after pics cabinet wall
Kitchen remodel with custom Crystal Keyline cabinets featuring a "corner" drawer for space saving.

Embrace Light-Colored Finishes.

Light-colored walls, cabinets, and countertops can open up the look of your kitchen, giving it a more spacious and airy feel. Neutral tones like white, cream, or light gray are stylish and reflect light, making your kitchen appear larger.

Devise Smart Storage Solutions.

Maximize the space in your small kitchen by integrating clever storage solutions. Opting for high-end cabinetry with customizations allows you to make the most of every square inch and keep clutter at bay. By taking your cabinetry all the way to the ceiling, you increase storage and draw the eye up, creating the illusion of higher ceilings. Utilizing every available inch will keep your kitchen organized and make it feel more open and spacious.

Choose Open Shelving & Glass Doors.

Replacing some upper cabinets with open shelving or swapping solid cabinet doors for glass can add a touch of elegance while visually expanding your kitchen. Open shelving creates the appearance of wider walls and displays your beautiful collection of dishes and glassware, adding personality and charm to the space.

Strategically Layer Light Sources.

Proper lighting is vital in enhancing the perceived size of your kitchen. Our experienced design consultants like to incorporate a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to create a comfortable space and well-lit work surfaces. Check out our blog detailing the importance of lighting in your kitchen remodel.

Select Minimalistic Finishes.

Choosing the right hood, faucets, and finishes can make or break your small kitchen remodel. Opt for fixtures with clean, contemporary lines to reduce visual clutter, making your kitchen feel open and light.

Our Fine-Tuned Process Will Put You At Ease.

At Foster Remodeling Solutions, our proven 8-step process ensures a seamless and stress-free kitchen remodel experience. Our teams of expert designers and master craftsmen are dedicated to bringing your vision to life, focusing on every detail to achieve the kitchen of your dreams. Using a design-build approach, we reduce the chance of mishaps and miscommunications between the design and construction phases, allowing you to enjoy the process.

Explore Your Dream Kitchen Finishes Before You Commit.

Visit our 3,500-square-foot showroom in Lorton, where you can meet with our skilled design consultants, pick out customizations, and experience our best-selling products first hand. Our designers will collaborate with you to understand your unique preferences and provide the most suitable options for your Alexandria kitchen remodel.

Confidently Plan For Your Kitchen Remodel.

Ready to take the first step toward your dream kitchen? Our expert team will transform your small kitchen into a spacious culinary masterpiece.

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