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How Bathroom Remodeling Can Transform Your Bathroom Into A Spa!

Imagine retreating into your Fairfax bathroom after a long day to be welcomed by the serene ambience of a spa-like oasis.
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How to Remodel a Tub & Shower for Your Bath Remodel

If you’re looking to add a little luxury to your everyday routine, a tub and shower remodel may be necessary for your Fairfax bath remodel.
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What Is An En-Suite and Do You Need One?

Having a bathroom attached to a bedroom is growing more and more popular. Here are a few reasons why.

Pretty Little Powder Room in Alexandria

The original builder had already run rough plumbing to the area, so minimal concrete and demo work was required. Measurements were taken and a design and pricing were presented to the client....
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How To Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With A Bathroom Remodel.

A Fairfax bathroom remodel is a great project to update and add modern accessibility to your home.
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Should I Choose Tile Or Wood Flooring For My Kitchen Remodel?

There are so many elements to consider during a Fairfax kitchen remodel that sometimes it can feel overwhelming.
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Kid-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

When countertops, toilets, and finishes are designed to accommodate adults, the bathroom can be tricky for kids.
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What Does Every Bathroom Remodel Need?

Beyond the obvious needs, what are some of the key items to include in your McLean bathroom remodel? Check out this guide to learn more!
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How To Add More Storage During A Bath Remodel.

It seems like we could all use more storage. When you’re planning a McLean bath remodel, we recommend considering these elements to add more space for storing supplies, everyday items, and keeping your counters neat.